The Western Wisconsin Blue Devils AAA hockey team is an organized association for the development of elite hockey players through exposure to the highest levels of hockey. Through a strong commitment to growth and development by players, coaches and parents the Western Wisconsin Blue Devils will be the summer team of choice for Wisconsin and Minnesota hockey.


  • Develop an AAA hockey association registered with the Wisconsin Amateur Hockey Association and accessible to any player registered with USA Hockey.
  • Develop a team of elite hockey players with the skills, attitudes, and commitment to compete at the highest level of hockey.
  • Develop and maintain a spring/summer hockey league in coordination with other interested AAA teams.


  • Establish values and principles proven to be successful with other spring/summer hockey programs. Survey programs offered by other AAA teams for strengths and weaknesses to understand the fundamentals for a successful elite summer hockey program.
  • Maintain compliance with WAHA and USA Hockey requirements. Review WAHA rules and regulations for AAA teams. Understand USA hockey insurance limitations.
  • Provide qualified coaches who believe and follow a common mission.  
  • Develop a process that encourages any hockey player interested in playing at a higher level to attend annual tryouts. All positions are up for review each year. No guarantees.
  • Contact all associations by Jan 31 st within a 100-mile radius of our home rink to encourage attendance at try-outs.
  • Commit to a schedule of tournaments, games and practices by March 31 st . Coordinate our schedule with WAHA spring/summer programs.
  • Schedule try-outs in March.
  • The selection process will consist of on-ice tryouts along with recommendations by others.
  • Require a strong commitment to attend all scheduled practices and games. Those who do not make that commitment may not be selected for the team the following year.
  • Consider starting and ending the season consistent with other AAA associations. This may be April thru June.
  • Maintain equal playing time for each skater with the exception of power plays and short-handed situations. Players may get shortened playing time for disciplinary reasons.
  • Over the course of a season, coaches will give each goalie an equal opportunity to start the same number of games. Substitutions during games are at the discretion of the coach based on goalie performance and the importance of winning the game. Situations may arise when only one goalie will be chosen during tryouts. The second goalie will be a back-up and practice goalie only. There will be a reduced fee for this goalie. In these situations, the coach will discuss the situation with both goalies. Playing time may change for disciplinary reasons.
  • Maintain an open book policy.
  • Encourage individual teams to solicit financial assistance from sponsors or fundraisers to offset registration fees.
  • Encourage parents to get involved in the association. Volunteer to help organize activities to disperse the workload of other volunteers.